born FROM travel, TO travel and FOR travel:

Is why we make clothes. A trip to Morocco served as the  springboard, yet, it is a lifetime of travel; for business and for pleasure that powers RoyWear.

We all love to travel! The adventure, the unexpected encounters, discoveries and invitations. Not least, the wonderful memories and stories we will tell. When traveling we want to be properly dressed, whatever the occasion.

Yet, we also we want to travel light and not weighed down by a heavy case. In short we want it all and to all fit into our hand luggage! Are we wrong?

Our mission at RoyWear was to create hand luggage fitting, supremely comfortable, endlessly versatile and effortlessly elegant clothing. For women, for men.

Designed to travel light, to move quickly and seamlessly whenever and wherever. Whether for business, for pleasure, for life.

We make it simple to create multiple looks using your Roys:

To travel to and from your destination. For your casual breakfast, a formal lunch or elegant dinner. Grabbing that rooftop, beach or poolside sundowner. Going to an impromptu informal dinner after a great day at the beach!

For you and or your travel partner. Always easy to maintain, durable and improves with use and age. For endless combinations and ways to dress your Roys, up or down. Why not try and see for yourself!?

Designed to travel Light. Made in London.

Traveling light is how RoyWear travels. Our clothing is designed to save space, time and resources. For women, for men. It ensures your supreme comfort, provides endless versatility and effortless elegance. Created to fit into your hand luggage.

Traveling light is integral to our vision and approach. We know we live in challenging and dynamic times so our founding mantra of; less is more had to be reflected in our vision for RoyWear, for our clothing. It had to be part of a more balanced and sustainable approach to the future.

In a world where so much clothing is not sustainable. Is throw away. And exploitative of people, resources and nature we aimed from the outset to travel light. How? We only use short supply chains. We purposefully chose quality, longer lasting materials, thoughtfully and responsibly made. E.g. our fabrics are rail shipped from Italy directly to our studio in London to be handcrafted into RoyWear.

Traveling light is more than just travel, it is our guiding star. For business, for pleasure and for life. Why not try and see for yourself?