Morocco, Where RoyWear Began

Morocco, Where RoyWear Began

It was in late 2021 when we took a 10 day road trip to Morocco, its high mountains, hidden oases, still deserts and all those incredible riads concealed behind anonymous plain doors ... just a few of our favourite things. 

Our trip began in Tangier, moved onto ancient Fez via ultra modern super high speed railway. Slowing things down again with an improvised drive from Fez, through the Atlas Mountains and onto our end destination Marrakech, taking in the Sahara. No itinerary, no ticking clock just old friends exploring Morocco.

This trip is very special to us because we began it as old friends and flew home as fledgling co-founders of RoyWear. Morocco inspired us in many ways. It's wonderfully, warm and super hospitable people, its incredible nature as well as the ancient cities and places we discovered. We left enriched, inspired and subliminally focused on the Monsieur Ba trousers, unbeknownst to us at the time ...

It was a much loved and worn 12 year old pair of trousers, used in the desert that set off a lively debate. What is the perfect trouser and shirt to use and 'live' in? Both of us are light packers so any garments we made had to be be adaptable for any occasion and fit into hand luggage!

Looking back, it is all too clear that our choice of RoyWear colours were inspired by Morocco and like in Morocco they all work harmoniously together, an important consideration for all our colour choices.

From the dark blues of the Mediterranean Sea in Tangier, the incredible skies that were our constant companion on the road, taking in the lush greens of the oases. The Sahara black with its night skies, the fleeting moment at daybreak, the desert sand is bathed in vermillion in colour, a truly memorable and breathtaking sight.