Short supply chain PHILOSOPHY

We spent a good deal of time pondering why so much clothing is not sustainable. Is throw away, exploitative of people, resources and nature. We stand for the exact opposite; long lasting materials thoughtfully made and responsibly sourced.

We set out to build a sustainble clothing company, using local suppliers, ideally family owned and with a long tradition of making in their specialist field. For example;

Our pure shell buttons have been made in England by the same family for over 80 years. Traditional techniques, know how and original machinary, ensures each RoyWear M1 shirt comes adorned with the finest, ethically sourced and most beautiful shell buttons.

Our M2 trouser uses the best English made elastic. Sourced from a 120 year old firm still owned and managed by the founding family. We are proud to support local manufacturing and local jobs.

Our in-house designed RoyWear garment boxes, are made by Warren and his team. Simple, sustainable packaging, crafted from 80% non-virgin materials, using vegatable dyes, just outside London. We are proud to be supporting a local start-up. Focused on doing good and doing good business.

Last but not least, our fabric. We wanted to source our fabric from England, sadly this was not possible. So, we went to Italy's famous Prato region, home to the world's finest and oldest fabric manufacturers. We selected our partner for their beautiful fabrics, of course, however it was also their state of the art manufacturing facilities, paternal philosophy (they are a family owned business) and holistic approach to marrying artisnal quality with industrial scale, that impressed.

Above all, it was their committment to taking responsiblity for all aspects of the production cycle that really convinced RoyWear. Their vertically integrated approach to manufacturing, ensures that the over 40 seperate steps of making our fabric, is managed to ensure greater efficiency, lower levels of pollution and more consistent levels of quality. Learn more about our fabrics.

Always and without compromise.