RoyWear's Seven Questions; an exploration of travel, style, London life and best business advice

Dr Charlotte Cassis

RoyWear, born from travel, to travel and for travel. Created to travel light, to move quickly and seamlessly, whenever and where ever, for business, pleasure or both. Designed for supreme comfort, endless versatility and effortless elegance and, most importantly, for hand luggage. Our clients enjoy their Roys so much they keep on wearing them after their adventures! At home, for lazy Sundays, brunch ... even at work.


Welcome to the first in a series of occasional interviews based on 7 questions. Our guests will share with you their insights on: personal style, London life, travel, home and their best business advice. Themes that are intrinsic to RoyWear and that power our passion to make a garment for all of these environments.

About Dr Charlotte Cassis:

Our very first interviewee is Dr. Charlotte Cassis. A senior obstetrics and gynaecology consultant with over 12 years service at the NHS. She continues move forward through her research work and experience in urogynaecology, menopause and psychosexual medicine. Charlotte has also very recently become a mother herself, to her beautiful baby girl, Frances.

RoyWear: Black M2 Trouser, Soft Cotton & F1 MainDude t-shirt.


   M2 Trouser - Black. Highbury Fields.


7 Questions:

Q: What is your personal style signifier? 

A: I believe everything looks better when you have your nails done. It’s been my little treat to myself that I’ve kept going during maternity leave.

Q: What's your favourite secret spot in London?

A: My favourite secret spot in London is the hill garden and pergola in Hampstead Heath. It’s totally unlike the rest of the heath and feels like you’ve been transported to Italy. It’s especially lovely in the spring with the wisteria in bloom. 

Q: The last item of clothing you added to your wardrobe was what and from where?

A: The Uniqlo recycled £14.90 cross body bag- carries so much, comes in a variety of great colours and is remarkably good value. Every mum friend I know has at least one. 

Q: Where are you traveling to next? And what was the reason for choosing this destination?

A: I’m next travelling to Geneva to introduce my 95 year old grandmother to her first great grandchild. 

Q: An object you could never part with ... ?

A: A little heart diamond necklace that was my late mother’s. I wear it everyday.

Q: Your favourite room in your home is? And why?

A: My favourite room in the house is my daughter’s room, it’s already full of so many treasures. I gave up my walk in wardrobe for it, so I hope she likes it as much as I do!! 

Q: Best piece of advice you've been given?

A: “Comparison is the thief of joy,”


Thank you Charlotte so much for your time, insightful and thoughtful answers!

Hope you enjoyed Charlotte's answers as much as we did at RoyWear!

See you all next time for another 7 Questions!