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The Colour? Black.


Robert Longo 1980 

 Untitled - Men in the Cities  

Black - subconsciously we obey. Its power drawn from absorbing and pulling the light all around. Sucking it, us in. Flattering, all consuming.

The Universe and phenomena of Black Holes ...  defying gravity, bending time. Seemingly discombobulating the very laws of physics itself. 


The Black Robes of Justice

The authority imbued in the black robes, awarded to a chosen few to pass judgement over the many. 

Diana. The 'Revenge' Dress. 1991 

The seductive power of black to flatter, to smooth and to frame ... black dresses and black suits. Cajoling, tempting and distracting us when worn by Princesses, politicians and iconoclasts.

   Barbary Cost Jolly Roger - 19th century

Revolution as captured in Che Guevara's black beret. Rebellion in Marlon Brando's black leather jacket in the iconic 1953 movie The Wild One. Piracy in the most iconic of flags the Jolly Roger.

Nuns early 1900s 

Sobriety, seriousness and selflessness infused into the black robes of the clergy.


Black Square. Malevich - 1915

Black was the first colour used by artists. From the first images drawn on cave walls over 16000 years ago, to groundbreaking abstract art of Malevich, Rothko, Ad Reinhardt amongst others.

Ad Reinhardt - Ultimate Black. 1960s   

  Andy Warhol 1960s

Photography, when presented in black and white is somehow able to capture that which colour simply cannot. 

 Darth Vader 1980 

Dark as the Underworld. Where sorcery, spells perhaps even evil insidiously subsume themselves into true black.  

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