RoyWear: ultimate trouser and shirt. Handcrafted, Made in London, Premium Italian cotton.

RoyWear 12 months on ...

Hello !

It has been 12 months or so since our vision took form, in no small part to our amazing sample maker and designer in her own right, Magda who took our vision and turned it into clothing. Her patience and expertise were invaluable to our launching RoyWear's vision of Living Wear. Thank you Magda!

From there onto sourcing our beautiful materials from Italy and then from all over  England. We quickly moved from the rough, off white cotton of our toiles to the beautiful crisp khaki and soft white pieces ... from concept to reality. 

These first working samples were trashed, trampled and roughly treated in every  conceivable way. They were sent out on the road to be tested! Skiing in the Swiss mountains, dinner parties in France, Caribbean islands, walking the tough streets of New York and beyond that the tropical jungle of Mexico. Each time, RoyWear returned intact, more experienced and just that little bit wiser!

Our vision: Slow Craft for Dynamic Living moved from a slogan to a tangible, handcrafted product. And the feedback and results were hugely positive, a confirmation of our founding vision for our trouser and shirt. So much so that we decided on a formal small run and these first pieces were handcrafted by Magda alone and then finished by the wider RoyWear family; pulling in aunts, daughters and sons not to mention the co-founders, all busy with ironing, sewing buttons and packing duties.

These initial pieces have been around the world - from Japan to Albania via South America and onto Hawaii. Fulfilling one of our key visions, being that essential travel piece. Hugely comfortable whilst traveling and highly versatile whilst at one's destination. We are proud of our living wear, handcrafted in London.

This second year will see even more RoyWear around the world, more of Roy's people and the world that moves around them, perhaps not so many insane climbs on rickety wooden steps in medieval towers :) 

It has been a journey with some very high, highs but also some very tough lows. It is always challenging to launch a clothing business, 2022 has been no exception from the massive cost of living crisis, a terrible and totally unnecessary war not to mention the ongoing crisis around global warming. Nevertheless, RoyWear remains courageously, optimistic! 

Finally, we would like to thank all of our loyal RoyWear owners many of whom have repurchased a piece, in a different colour, size or fabric type. Thank you, again!

We’ve heard many great stories and look forward to hearing even more in our second year about which we will be talking in greater detail this later on in 2023!